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Education Programs

UYO offers a variety of educational and mentorship programs and resources that are tailored for high school students, college students, and young professionals. 

High School Students
College Students
Young Professionals

The journey through high school and the college application process can be stressful and demanding. With proper guidance and mentorship from an experienced individual, we believe that you can get into the school of your choice. UYO provides a one-on-one mentorship platform that matches current high school students with college students and recent alumni who guide their proteges to academic excellence. Submit an application today to be paired with your mentor!

High School Students

If you have completed your studies and have started settling into your career, you still have opportunities to get involved! Apply today to become a mentor to a high school or college student. Lead one of our workshops and share your knowledge and experience. Network with other Uyghur professionals and connect with like minded individuals in your field. Join our team and support UYO in achieving its mission.

Young Professionals

We are committed to guiding college students through their educational endeavors and preparing them for successful careers. UYO offers a number of resources to help students identify their concentration, develop their professional profile, explore post-graduate options, prepare for interviews, secure internships, and much more. Our goal is to help you navigate the path to success by supporting your educational and career pursuits.

College Students 

Scholarships can be a great way to pay for your college tuition! UYO has gathered a list of potential scholarships offered to high school and college students. Our UYO team members can also support in you selecting the scholarships that are right for you and also help with the entire application process. Click below to see the full list of scholarships that we have compiled!



I would like my child to learn about this process earlier on, preferably before the start of high school. Is this program available to middle school students?

Since this mentorship is aimed at college preparation, this program will only be available to high school students, preferably juniors and seniors. However, there are many resources under the Education tab that explain the key components of college admission - which the student should keep in mind when starting their freshman year of high school.

If I enroll my child in this mentorship program, does that mean there is a high chance they will get into their dream school?

This mentorship program cannot promise a particular score or acceptance. We aim to provide a guide for your child as she or he goes through high school and prepares for college.

Do I have to pay for my child to enroll in this mentorship program?

Because Uyghur Youth Organization is a non-profit organization, we will not be charging students to have mentors. We hope this program will serve as a way for young professionals to serve their fellow Uyghur community. However, we are volunteer-run so please contribute by donating as much as you can so this program can remain and grow!

What is the time commitment for both the mentor and protege?

This will be determined by both the mentor and protege, depending on their schedules, academic interests, personal goals, and deadlines. UYO’s recommended time commitment would be around 1-2 hours a week.

Is this mentorship program exclusive to Uyghurs?


Because this organization is aimed to empower the Uyghur diaspora, priority will be given to Uyghur applicants. However, if there is a strong desire for a non-Uyghur to have a mentor, UYO will still consider the applicant.

Will mentors get paid?


Because Uyghur Youth Organization is a non-profit organization, we will not be paying the mentors.    

Our mentors are deeply driven Uyghurs who are passionate about helping Uyghur youths through the difficult college application process and share their wisdom and experiences.